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Infrastructure Details

About Our Lab

Our Focus is not only to design the Infra just to show the candidate what we have, Infact we are focusing or invest the infra which is actually required. Having Multiple Devices doesn’t mean that you have well designed Lab.

EIIT is well known for their Lab Setup. Latest Devices with Upgraded IOS are available for the budding Engineers so that they have up-to date devices available for Practice Session. The Lab–Session is EIIT’s Core Expertise especially for the CCIE’s Candidates.

EIIT have a well-designed Lab for the following Trainings:

In-fact, EIITprovides lab sessions/ Labs to the candidates so that Practice the same at home. The Glimpse the Devices available for the Practice are:

S.No. Item Descriptions
1 CISCO 1900 Series Router
2 CISCO 1800 Series Router
3 CISCO 3750 Series Switches
4 CISCO 3550 Series Switches
5 CISCO 3560 Series Switches
6 CISCO 7940/7960/7961 IP Phones
7 CISCO 8.0 Ver CUCM
8 CISCO 6500 Series Switches
9 Cisco 2600/2500 Series Router
10 CISCO ASA 5510
11 CISCO IPS 4240
13 Terminal Servers
14 IBM Blade Servers
15 CEH Tools

Note: This is Just the Glimpse of the Lab-infra. You are most welcome to Visit of Center and have the Access of Real Devices